Research Journals of Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi

ICP is proud to provide the bulk of clinical psychologists and teachers in the country who are performing with a spirit to bring out the best in the prevention and treatment of psychological disorder and clinical research.


Pakistan Journal of Psychology

The Pakistan Journal of Psychology (PJP) is the official publication of the Institute of Clinical Psychology, the University of Karachi since 1965. The PJP is HEC recognized journal, Print ISSN 0030-9869 and Online ISSN 2788-4880  published biannually under the editorship of the Director, Institute of Clinical Psychology.

Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology

The Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology Print ISSN 1019-438X Online ISSN 2788-4872 publishes contributions of professionals to the field of clinical psychology with the emphasis on originality, innovation and increase in scientific knowledge. Aim of the Journal is to focus on the psychological problems, assessment, treatment, etiology, intervention and on other relevant comparisons and factors involved in psychopathology. Innovative or interdisciplinary approaches developing the association between clinical psychology and other disciplines are particularly considered.